På AB is a consultancy company focused on organizational development with an emphasis on internal affairs and maintenance management. We provide organizations with services, educational courses and products based on the proprietary model pm³ (På Maintenance Management Model).

The model is used as support during change management and gives a distinct structure to an organization’s maintenance activities. With the help of pm³, decision authority, decision-making forums, responsibility roles as well as prioritizing and follow-up principles are set. pm³ makes it possible to establish micro organizations that facilitate interaction between different assignment parties, such as between business activities and IT activities, which creates benefits and enable a more efficient maintenance management. Thus pm³ is a governance model for upholding and evolution with the ability to organize maintenance management so that it can be conducted in a businesslike manner. pm³ is the most popular model for system maintenance management in Sweden today, and can be used by all organizations regardless of the industry. Since the model is developed and established by På AB, our expertise is unmatched on the market. To date, we have helped more than 200 organizations with the implementation of pm³ on more than 500 specific maintenance objects. See a list of references.

På AB was founded in 1997 and has since the beginning been a prominent participant in the arena of system maintenance in Sweden. Through scientific research and practical experience we have developed high quality services and products that meet the market’s need for more businesslike maintenance management.
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